My experience in Agriculture started back in high school where I was a member of FFA and had three years of Vocational Agriculture, as it was called back then. My parents had small farm in North Abilene close to the Jones County line. My brother and I were involved in rodeoing, so I thought it was a good fit to go to college and major in Agriculture and pursue my passion of both fields.


Well after three colleges, I found my school at Sam Houston State University were I got my BS in General Agriculture with a Voc-AG teaching certificate in 1972.  I got my Masters in Agriculture Education in 1974 and taught school for one year in Conroe, TX in 1975.


Teaching did not fit my model after rodeoing and traveling around a lot, so I set out to pursue a sales career and moved to Fort Worth, TX.  I went to work for Chickasaw Cotton Oil Company in the Kimball Feed Division as a sales trainee. After working on the order desk in Grapevine for six months, they had a dust explosion at the main mill in Durant Oklahoma and they had to have their feed made for them. Well, I got laid off because they did not need any new salesmen and Nutrena Feed picked me up and I trained with them for six months. I was beginning to wonder, when are these people, going to let me sell something. Three years later in 1980, I made the Presidents Club for Nutrena Feeds and was one of the top fifteen Dairy Salesmen for the company nationally. Most of my increases were in Dairy Sales from Stephenville Texas and I did not have a dairy background. This was when dairies fed the cows in the barn and had mix mills, if you can remember back that far.

After that I was hooked on sales and the high it gives you is equal to winning a rodeo in the saddlebronc riding. My experience with that was two trips to N.I.R.A. College Finals with 15th place nationally in Saddlebronc Riding, and Champion of the Southern Region of the N.I.R.A. with PRCA Gold Membership.


I won a trip to Hawaii working for Southeastern Medical Corporation selling Diamond Animal Health Products and many more highlights with twelve companies in my forty-year career in the feed business. I have worked TX, NM, and OK for 30 years with six different companies and have worked Nationally for 12 years with two companies. It was after another crash of an International Company the summer of 2016 that I decided to start my own business. After all, I have plenty of contacts and specialize in bringing emerging companies to the market place.


I am a land owner and have a small farm near Abilene and know how to clear brush, spray mesquite and pear, build fences, plow, and plant wheat and tend to livestock that we might have certain times of the year. If you own land you know how to work hard to keep it up.


I am currently a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientist, Southern Plains Chapter, and the Texas Animal Nutrition Council. I also have a lifetime TX AG Teachers Certificate, a lifetime membership in the SHSU Agriculture Alumni Association and a lifetime membership in the PRCA. 

JW Jones, PAS

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